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As you know we spend almost $100,000 per month on Pay Per Click (PPC) engines. Managing Yahoo! plus 7 other PPC engines with the 100+ keywords was a very time consuming and tedious task until we purchased Bid Maximizer for Yahoo! and Bid Maximizer Advance. These products perform unbelievably well saving me numerous hours per week. More time is always good but the fact that I am also spending less money on advertising and generating higher sales on the money I spend, is a major bonus.
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$100m On/Off-line Direct Retailer
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The ultimate Online Advertising (PPC) Campaign management solution for the agency and the advertiser.

Site Statistics Package
Dynamic SiteStats Cost Retrieval - A real time web site statistics analysis system tracks online marketing performance, calculate the ROI of your paid search campaigns(PPC) for each distinct keyword. Cut your marketing costs while increasing revenue.

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PPC Bid management software for Google Adwords

PPC Bid management software for Yahoo and MSN

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Autoresponder Software

Responding to individual customer requests is an essential instrument of email marketing. If somebody sends you an email it means they have an interest in your products or services. If you do not reply promptly you will not only miss the opportunity but you will probably lose a customer for life. However to respond to your all of your customer quickly is sometimes difficult and impossible that is why you need an automatic responder and autoresponder software to do the task for you.

What is Autoresponder / automatic responder?
Automatic responder system or Autoresponder software will respond to your customer email automatically, think of it like an answering machine that will do automatic respond to your email. However the reality is sometimes not that simple. You want a smart autoresponder software / automatic responder system that capable giving autoresponder message that is relevant to the customer questions. The more relevant an autoresponder message is the better.

How to present a relevant autoresponder message?
Using Dynamic Mail Communitor™ an autoresponder software you can easily set up an automatic responder system from your desktop, with the following powerful features:

  • Automatically reply to or forward certain messages depending on the parameter and condition you specified
  • Automatically delete messages from the server
  • Automatically send a specified message to a mailing list
  • Automatically add or remove sender from a mailing list
  • Automatically run an external program

This Automatic responder system and autoresponder software is just what you need to create your autoresponder message and smartly respond to your customer and increase the opportunity you have been looking for.

Auto responder

Dynamic Mail Communicator™ a powerful automatic responder system
select what words or phrase to be use as a filter for your autoresponder (Multiple supported)

Auto responder

Dynamic Mail Communicator™ a powerful autoresponder software
Select the message draft you want to use as an autoresponder message


Auto responder

Dynamic Mail Communicator™ a powerful autoresponder software